I am an independent researcher, citizen scientist, and technical engineer interested in the following industries:

  • Genetics (Biological, Synthetic)
  • Agricultural Bioscience
  • Mobile Hardware, IoT Hardware, and Autonomous Robotics
  • Transhumanism (What is Transhumanism?)
    • Evolutionary theory of all lifeforms, and the synthesis and merger of (hu)mankind and machine.

I am the Founder/Director of DNX Research Corporation, based out of the Ozark Mountains, where my primary research is focused on electromagnetic vapor production for nutrient delivery in agricultural crops, and other autonomous robotic applications.

I was previously the founder of two acquired companies (IdeaDrops Inc/MxMedia, Activity+ Analytics), and had a social media following of nearly a million across a dozen media properties by the time I was nineteen. I have since retired from social media.

I have been a mobile device technician for the past several years in private work (corporate, freelance) with over five thousand devices being repaired.

You can learn more about my career here or you can read more on my weblog here.