I am a researcher, citizen scientist, and engineer interested in many areas including:

  • Genetics (Biological, Synthetic)
  • Agricultural Bioscience and Biotechnologies
  • Mobile Hardware, IoT, and Robotics (Autonomous, etc)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace propulsion systems
  • Development languages (Python, C++, JavaScript (Node.js), Ruby, Rust, Go, and more…)

I am the CEO, Founder, and Director of DNX Research Corporation - Where we develop technologies and solutions to extend humanities reach on earth, and beyond. We focus on experimental agricultural technologies to increase crop density, health, and growth to support the next two billion people that will require 75% more agricultural growth by 2050.

I was previously the Founder and CEO of IdeaDrops Inc/MxMedia (acquired in ‘17) and Activity+ Analytics (acquired in ‘14), where we developed machine learning algorithms to increase social media engagement for grassroot organizations and United States of America Presidential Campaigns. We created a network of blogs that had a social media following of nearly a million people across the world by the time I was nineteen. I have since retired from social media.

I have a vast understanding and passion for the restoration of all forms of electronics, new or old. In the past several years I have restored and repaired nearly five thousand devices and machines.

You can learn more about here or you can read more on my weblog here.

I am an avid reader, listener of music, and enjoy a nice walk or hike around town or the mountains. Exploration and discovery are true passions that I endeavor to indulge more in.