Macleod Sawyer (Official Website)

About Macleod Sawyer

Macleod Sawyer is an inventor, entrepreneur, social media mogul, and life-long learner. From dreams of building time-machines from his fathers old stereos at six to becoming fluent in several programming languages by twelve, he has always been building or creating things. When he was thirteen, he started his first blog and within six years he had received several partnerships, awards, and a devoted following surpassing nearly a million followers before publicly announcing his retirement from social media in the International Business Times.

Macleod’s first company, Activity+, a social-analytics prediction service, that he developed at sixteen was acquired less than three months after development. Macleod took this as a chance to divert more of his focus to working alongside nonprofits around the world.

Macleod has been a life-long supporter and fighter for science, equality, and education which led him to electing five candidates across the United States and raising over $50,000 for candidates that were advocates of science and equality in the election of 2016.


Macleod is the CEO (and founder) of GoodPlatform, an attempt at reshaping the ecommerce industry for both nonprofits and individuals.

Macleod Sawyer currently sits as chair of the board for OpenLeaf & Co, and BRevolution.

The OpenLeaf Project

Macleod Sawyer is currently the inventor of the OpenLeaf X1, an improved method of growing food to solve the agricultural problems of the world in hopes of decreasing, what he calls “one of the biggest dangers”, world hunger.

The OpenLeaf Mini, a smaller self-growing apparatus designed and developed by Macleod. The OpenLeaf Mini uses non-technical and sustainable methods for self-watering plant growth as fundraising for the X1 as well as entry into the personal agricuture industry.

This is a hobby and a passion project of Macleod in his sparetime.

Support or Contact

You can follow for updates on his personal account.

If you wish to contact Macleod you can email him at [email protected].