I am an independent researcher, citizen scientist, and technical engineer interested in the following industries:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Genetics (Biological)
  • IoT Hardware, Smart Devices, and Mobile Technology
  • Transhumanism (What is Transhumanism?)
  • Evolutionary theory of all lifeforms, and the synthesis and merger of (hu)mankind and machine.

I am the Founding Director of DNX Research Corporation, based out of the Ozark Mountains, where my primary research is focused on electromagnetic vapor production for nutrient delivery in agricultural crops.

I was previously the founder of two acquired companies (IdeaDrops Inc/MxMedia, Activity+ Analytics), and had a social media following of nearly a million across a dozen media properties by the time I was nineteen. I have since retired from social media.

You can learn more about my career here or you can read more on my weblog here.