Macleod Sawyer

Welcome! This is my own personal little micro-blog.

Short About: Lover of Jazz, Turtles/Tortoises, and reading (especially science fiction and autobiographies). Builder of many things. 20.

I occasionally will post writings, thoughts, and other random things here. No promises on the content as my brain tends to go a million miles per hour in an infinite amount of categories. These will link internally, and to other places my writing exists. May break at any time.

Experience: Founded two acquired bootstrapped companies, was inducted into the Library of Congress, ran for office, elected five people to office, raised over $50,000 for grassroots causes, had a social media following of close to a million before retiring (at 19).

I am the founder and CEO of Sawyer Innovations [Si], and our new product line OpenLeaf.


[Si] & OpenLeaf