# Welcome

I tend to break things, usually for the greater good.

Roboticist :: inventor, engineer, replicant, hacker, biopunk, extropian, transhumanist, &c.

# About me

I am the Founding Director of DNX Robotics - Where we develop technological solutions to enable humans to accomplish extraordinary things on earth, and beyond.

I was previously the Founder and CEO of IdeaDrops Inc/MxMedia (acquired in '17) and Activity+ Analytics (acquired in '14), where we developed machine learning algorithms to increase social media engagement for grassroot and political organizations (including presidential). Through IdeaDrops Inc/Mxmedia, we crafted a network of blogs that had a social media following of nearly a million across the world reaching over thirty million people a month.

Discovery and exploration are true passions that I endeavor to indulge more in.

# Projects

I publish F&OSS drivers, templates, and applications on Github as drannex42 (opens new window).

# Lab Assistants