Watching the launch of the Artemis I rocket last night from NASA was incredible — there are several shots that truly look like a music visualizer that could have only been run in winamp, with its pulsating beams of explosive transcendent exhaust propelling the craft through the backdrop of the black void called night. I’ve included my favorite moment above.

This rocket, the most powerful in history and the world, will be circling the moon and return to earth over the next six days. This is the first step to get us back to the moon. Artemis II is expected to launch with a full crew to flyby around the moon in 2024, followed closely by Artemis III which will feature a landing party to begin the preparations for setting up our first exoplanetary pseudo-permanent base on the moon (Artemis IV/V are developing the Lunar Gateway space station for easy travel to and from the surface of the moon), the current launch of Artemis III is scheduled for 2025/2026. This will be the first time we will have been back to the moon since 1972.