I am a researcher, citizen scientist, and engineer interested in many areas including:

  • Genetics (Biological, Synthetic)
  • Agricultural Bioscience and Biotechnologies
  • Mobile Hardware, IoT, and Robotics (Autonomous, etc)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace propulsion systems
  • Development languages (Python, C++, JavaScript (Node.js), Ruby, Rust, Go, and more…)

I am the CEO, and Director of DNX Research Corporation - Where we develop technologies and solutions to enable humans to accomplish extraordinary things on earth, and beyond.

I was previously the Founder and CEO of IdeaDrops Inc/MxMedia (acquired in ‘17) and Activity+ Analytics (acquired in ‘14), where we developed machine learning algorithms to increase social media engagement for grassroot organizations and United States of America Presidential Campaigns. We created a network of blogs that had a social media following of nearly a million people across the world by the time I was nineteen.

Exploration and discovery are true passions that I endeavor to indulge more in.