Macleod Sawyer Roboticist & Prime Director of DNX Industries

I am a roboticist, technician, and industrialist [ 1  2  3  4  5 ] interested in the following industries:

  • Robotics (autonomous, transportation, logistics, security, etc)
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering
  • Bioscience, Biotechnologies, and Bioinformatics
  • Genetics (Biological, Synthetic)
  • Industrial Design
  • Development languages (C, D, Elixir, Rust)

I am the founder of DNX Industries, an industrial robotics laboratory developing modular robotic platforms.

Previously, I was the co-founder of IdeaDrops Inc, MxMedia, and Activity+ Analytics.

During this time, I have privately worked as a managing technician or security consultant for a number of hardware development and repair shops.

IdeaDrops Inc

IdeaDrops Inc was a software and web-services company focused on developing tools for enhancing discoverability and virality for non-profits. Through IdeaDrops Inc/Mxmedia, we crafted a network of blogs that had a social media following of over a million across the world reaching over thirty million people a month. GoodPlatform, CharityDrops, and MxMedia were our most successful projects.

IdeaDrops Inc was privately acquired in 2017.

Bundling monthly donations to maximize good by distributing them to five new small charities a month.

We created a platform to increase social media engagement for grassroot and political organizations (including presidential) through developing a robust communication, coordination, and fundraising platform for both organizations and individuals reaching over 30,000 active monthly users within our first year.


MxMedia was an internet media conglomerate that hosted over a dozen properties reaching over 30 million people a month across the world with over a million subscribers focused towards activism, technology, and goodwill - without ever spending a cent on marketing.


Activity+ was one of the first social analytics software companies. We tracked the optimal time to post to social media through user interactions with their customers, clients, fans, and supporters as well as content and general analytic tracking.

Activity+ was acquired in July 2014 by

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Discovery and exploration are true passions that I always endeavor to indulge more in.