The internet isn't real that doesn't mean what you learn, say, or do doesn't or can't be brought out into your real life, just that this place is both infinite, severely limited, and both existent and non-existent at the same time.

Kick back, enjoy your time here, and anything that's powerful enough to come into your real life is valid. This place is a beautiful garden full of weeds that will need to be pruned by you --- everything here will wither and disappear once you forget about them and be replaced by something new, some of it good, some of it pretty, and some of it is harsh and strangling. Even with the worst parts visible we still all come here because we enjoy it, You should always make sure that the experience you are getting out of it is one that makes you your best version, the one that makes you feel comfortable, no need to wallow in uncomfortable patches any longer than you really want to.

This place doesn't fully exist, just bits and pieces do, do whatever you want.