The following is an excerpt of a conversation I started on tumblr, thus its brevity.

We have taken a rather ubiquitous material that isn't quite solid, isn't a gas, isn't a liquid, yet exists everywhere and in everything, and we have harnessed it to move things, not just moving physical things, but moving thoughts, moving ideas, moving everything that we can - because we can.

We have harnessed a source of power that surrounds us, harms us, attacks us, and yet we can bend it for our own gains. We can use this power to move things that thousands couldn't, we can use it to create new materials, clean water, keep hearts running, create new bodily extensions, create medicines for the worst diseases and maladies thrown at us, amd use it so we can reach out and touch new worlds, new stars, new everything.

We didn't fully understood why it existed, the risks, or even their possibilities a little over a hundred years ago, and yet we, as a species, still just went for it. You wouldn't have been able to read this without it.

I am a scientist in the purest sense, I am an inventor in the maddest, and I know just how insane it is that we can control the aether and bend it to our will and accomplish things no other being in our known existence has ever done. That is truly the definition of magic, a source of energy used to change the fundamental natural laws of our existence.

Science is an art form, it is a method of detailing and explaining the universe. It is a poem that requires several drafts, several false starts, and finally a conclusion that is left to the reader to determine its conclusion or truth. Electricity is both a scientific force of nature, and a magical power that we summon, create, expel, twist, and manage.

Electricity is just normalized magic.