Eventually, my companies technology and robots will be working within all the lagrange points (L4/L5), the moon, mars, and beyond. I am sure of it.

"…I strongly feel like you misunderstand how fast technology like that advances", somone online after I posted that.

You will be very surprised at how fast technology actually advances. The internet didn't exist more than thirty years ago (especially in its current state, and less than 20 years since it started hitting the mainstream), truly mobile phones are even younger! and smart phones? we've only had them reach the mainstream in the last ten years with over 83.40% (6.64 billion people!) of the entire world population having one!

Want to break out of the modernity loop? Electricity has only been in a simple majority of homes for* less than a hundred years (1925). *Cars? Majority of people didn't have a vehicle of any kind *in the family, in America, *until 1929, both less than a century ago.

We went from the first ever powered flight *(that was only 12 seconds long!) *to commercial flights in less than 15 years and then we went from the first commercial flight to entering space in less than 20 years, and then from the edge of space to the surface of the moon in less than eight years!

You are really underestimating just how fast technology like this advances.

I might be delusional in my aspirations, overly excited, overly optimistic, but I know it can and will be done. But, we will see! I would rather be delusional and excited for the future than be myopic and dystopic about it.