I do not use social media for the most part and most accounts have been wiped, I don't believe in allowing an unknown (or known) third-party dictate my mood, opinions, or other related actions.

I also worry about the "digital dark age" and how centralized platforms may lead to the dissapearance of key insights into our modern historical landscape for future reference, research, and analysis. I have started posting updates of this site on Twitter (opens new window) as a few people have requested, I don't believe this hinders my belief system. This may change at any point, and the account may be wiped at any given point in time.

I highly implore you to read my article "I am tired of Analytics" (opens new window) or my article "Why I am Leaving Behind Nearly One Million Followers" (opens new window).

Last Updated: 4/13/2021, 4:49:08 AM