If you don't find the future inspiring, then you're thinking about it wrong.

If you don't have hope for the future, then you're thinking about it wrong.

Someone reblogged this with a caption (summarized as "if all you've had to do in life is to survive, then you don't know what you want") , and promptly deleted it. I will write what I was writing here:

That's exactly what I am talking about! That's what makes the future so exciting and hopeful, against all odds that is the only time you have to find out what you want, whether that be to change, to discover, or to experience. The future is a world of endless possibilities that isn't beholden to the present, and less so than the past.

There are mindsets that feast on disappointment and sticking to the status quo, they fear the future not because of the current world, but because their current world could change to something that they never imagined.

There is a strict dichotomy between two different mindsets: The idea that change is good, and that change is bad. It's up to each person to determine if they want a change or if they want to be stuck to the same rhythm humming the same chorus all their life.

Being optimistic about the future, no matter the terms, is always a positive. The future is change, the past isn't, and the present is bound to the past. The future is the only spot you can place happiness because it is the only thing that hasn't happened and that you can do something about it, even if incredibly minor.

I have depression and extreme anxiety, came from less than nothing and have had to fight tooth and nail for everything I have and then some (mostly against myself), I know how easy the programming in my brain is to prefer being nihilistic and fatalistic, but there are better ways to be. I know this, we all know this, being negative doesn't help make the world better it just makes the world a more tortured place to exist in.

A child doesn't think about yesterday as much as they think about tomorrow. The possibilities of growing up in a castle, or parties, seeing their friends, having a car, or having cake every single day. They think about what could be in a positive light, not in a negative way because that's more fun, that brings joy and happiness, to at the very least imagine it. Doom and gloom have their place, but to be the ultimate force in your mind to dictate every action taints every action you can possibly take.

If you don't find the future inspiring, then you're thinking about it wrong.