Our entire existence has been fueled on the idea of surviving by any means possible.

We have lived in pain for the entirety of our existence as a species. Without pain we could not have survived, as we wouldn't have learned how to adapt or improve our way of life from the cold, the heat, minimal water, excessive water, our digestion, or from our numerous predators. We would not have looked for new and better ways to live, and we would not be innovative to create new methods from the materials or tools surrounding us - We have survived where others have failed - simply because we have been innovating as a society to survive.

To move forward as a society we must always go through tremendous growing pains. Our current economic system was developed and created through pains of past systems. Does this mean that our current capitalistic economic system is the best and ideal system? No. Our current system is just the creation built on the backbones of all others before and during our period of existence, always learning - always innovating.

Some may ask "what is the point of it all? What is the goal we have been trying to reach?" the answer to this I believe is to build a truly painless existence.

The goal in life is to move forward, innovate, and create a world where we no longer suffer from physical depressions while holding onto our mental depressions as without it we can not be motivated to move forward, without a villain standing in front of us (even if it is ourselves), we will never move forward.

Without pain, there is no innovation. Without pain, we have no reason to fight. What makes us alive is our will to fight to minimize the pain that surrounds us.

We fight for a selfish reason. We fight for what we believe will make our lives easier. We fight to survive longer and easier. We fight to make our pain go away.

Some people believe we need to discriminate against others, or impede on others rights and way of life to be a better society to make our immediate personal selves have less pain.

Others believe, like I do, that we need to be focused more on the inclusion of the people around us. We need be less judgmental of others, we need to stop discriminating against others to stop the cycle of discrimination. We believe in coming together and working towards our goal and purpose - to make life easier.

We have to be accepting to come together and make life easier together. If we work to make life easier, to make life be less painful, then we can work together to end pain.

The supposed easy way of existing is to focus purely on yourself and no one else around you, to only work towards betterment of yourself and no one else. This is the easy way of thinking, a way of thinking that has never worked in the history of our society and has always led to the end of all past civilizations, the way of thinking that when others take their own lives more seriously and believe that their happiness is more important than the people around them, they can succeed. I understand this point of view, as the hope to be less pained by being exclusionary and independent gives the idea of complete isolationism, but for the existence of our society we must be inclusionary in every thread that is part of the fabric of our society.

The harder, more effective, and longer lasting way is by coming together and working together to reach a singular goal. That's what separates people, those who believe they can make their pain go away by being independent and selfish, and those that know that being inclusive leads to a life free of pain through the unification of ideals and work.

This is why organizations created by and for the people have always been on the right side of history. This is why, when you look at history, the rights of the most inclusive people always prevail. The freedom of people always prevail. The acceptance of each other always prevail.

Existence is pain, and our goal in life is to find a way to work together to end pain. Without pain we have no reason to fight. We have to have pain to show us the way to come together.

Existence is painful, but a very necessary evil for good.

Note: I originally published a spec of this back in early 2017, I have since updated that spec to be more descriptive, and better written than the original - this will be perpetually updated


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  • 07/04/22 (changed name from "Existence requires pain" to "Existence requires survival")