Magnetic Tacks

Concept: A magnetic tack, a simple way of holding up items such as posters or papers on a corkboard

Does this exist: More than likely, but I can't seem to find one that has all the requirements in looking for. 


  1. Must be a single individual piece. I am not looking for a hacky and horrible way to make a magnetic tack that involves a part that I'm just going to end up losing such as a small magnetic in front of the paper with a metallic back behind it to hold in place. Must be one singular unit. 
  2. No holes or marks. They can not create any holes in the item they are meant to hol(e)d and neither can any marks be left in the individual items after use of the magnetic tack. 
  3. Must be able hold up to 20 papers when shaken. 

Basic design:

The second tong is bendable to be able to have the magnet sit flush against the top tong 
If you look at the two smaller drawings to the right you will notice that I have drawn one with a more triangular design and a more curved deign. I am going to safely assume that if you were able to create the curved design it would crate less tension marks and issues on the paper. Again, requirement #2 is in full effect. 

This design also allows you to leaf through and remove individual papers without taking them all down  

Use Cases: 

  • Hanging up posters / art 
    • You could potentially sell these to art galleries in bulk. 
    • Sell them to art students and other artists and have them send them with their work to their buyers. 
    • Cheaper than frames.  
  • Business offices 
Alternative versions:
  • Reusability as staples, create one without the pin, boom now you can take on the four-billion dollar hole filled staple industry. 
  • Binders of papers and presentations 
  • Larger versions to hold monitors and displays 
  • Extra  large version as a statue in the middle of town
  • Smaller ones surrounding the extra large one
  • Giving them consciousness 
  • Bowing down to our new overlords 
  • Pitch them the concepts of magnetic humans 
  • Race of Magneto's is born AND they will never use staples again
  • Nametags