Career History (Resumé)

DNX Research Corporation (2017-Present)

  • Founding Director & CEO
  • Looking to the future for inspiration.
  • A new type of company devoted to producing, manufacturing, and inventing new solutions. (2016)

  • CEO, Director, Co-Founder
  • Communication and coordination platform for social activists to help raise funds for nonprofits that aid humanity. 30,000 members within three months of launch. Due to unforseen events, GoodPlatform has been placed on hold and a new version is currently in development.

Activity+ Analytics (2013-2014)

  • CEO, co-Developer, co-Founder, Node.js Developer
  • The first social analytics tool that focused on increasing customer and subscriber engagement rates through science-backed statistical analysis (machine-learning). We were graciously acquired by in July of 2014.

MxMedia Network (2012-2017)

  • Founder, CEO
  • Formally retired, and some properties have since been acquired.
  • One of the first network of media properties including, but not limited to, blogs, series, videos, stories, ecommerce projects that accumulated over a million subscribers allowing us to reach 20+ million people a month.
  • Featured: International Business Times

Drannex Soundscapes (2011-2015)

  • Founder, Producer
  • Analog and digital personal and commercial musical productions, link.
  • Signed production artist.

SpaceMonkeys (2013)

  • President, Founder, Developer, Robotics Engineer
  • Space Monkeys was a nationally award-winning robotic FIRST competition team, within the first year of development we were accepted into the national championship after an undefeated competition season on the southern district, 16+ victories. (2014)

  • Founder, Developer, Operations
  • Automated bundled donation system to maximise nonprofit giving for ordinary people. Helping over a dozen non-profits.

BRevolution (2015-Present)

  • Founder and Chairman
  • Not-for-profit entity focused on progressive action leading to over $50k in grassroots fundraising for over a dozen political candidates, worked directly with the presidential camapaign of Bernie Sanders, and was formally archived in the Library of Congress for substantial work in the political scene of 2016 that warrants “research by future historians”.

Radio Reddit (2012)

  • Python Developer
  • Navigated to move the web development framework from Django to Pyramid.
  • Acquired by Reddit

Consulting and Private Work
Consulted, worked alongside, and directly with private companies, startups, organizations, leaders, political figures, and more.

  • Political:
    • Partner, Bernie Sanders Digital Team (2015-16)
    • Former Candidate, Democratic Chairman of Arkansas (2017)
    • Consultant, Progressive Leadership Committee (2014-Present)
  • Corporate:
    • GreenGoat Foods (2015)
    • Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (2015)
    • NWW (Retail/Business Development Manager, 2016-17)
    • ARI Inc (2017-19)
    • PhoneDoctors (Technology Technician, Electronics Engineer, December 2017 - August 2019)
    • Carbonyte (Technology Technician, Electronics Engineer, 2019)
    • Cellaris (Technology Technician, Electronics Engineer, August 2019-Present)

Programming and Development

  • HTML/CSS (2006-Present, Expert)
    • HTML5 (2011-Present)
    • Responsive Design / Mobile-First Principles (2011-Present)
  • Ruby (2010-Present, Proficient)
  • Python (2011-Present, Proficient)
  • C++ (2011, 2013, 2017, Basic)
  • Javascript (2013-Present, Experienced)
  • React/Vue/Angular/Riot (2016)
  • Node.js (2013-Present, Highly Experienced)
  • Rust (2016)
  • GoLang (2016)
  • CMD/Powershell (2009-Present)
  • Linux/Unix/Bash (2012-Present)
  • Tensorflow (AI/Machine-learning toolkit, 2016)


  • English (Reading, Speaking, Writing - Native)
  • German (Reading, Speaking, Writing - Beginner/Moderate)
  • Chinese, Mandarin (Speaking - Minimal/Learning)


  • Alumni, Library of Congress (2016)
  • Arkansas Education Achievement Award (2015)