Transhumanism Philosophy

Your best bet to understand this page is to read my What is Transhumanism? (very short) article.

Here is where I will be archiving different opinions, thoughts, quotes, and more on this inevitable concept.

Grimes, We Appreciate Power, 2018:

“Neanderthal to human being
Evolution, kill the gene
Biology is superficial
Intelligence is artificial”

“Transhumanists believe these bodies will proliferate because natural biological humans will upload themselves into these bodies to access advantages – such as being “backed up on a drive” granting a form of immortality. Grimes compares this transition to the transition from neanderthal to humanity (humanity may have interbred with neanderthals, but they did not evolve from them).

With the majority of humanity existing in artificial bodies, the gene will become an irrelevant detail in the history of human development and no longer the driving force of evolution. Just as humanity replaced neanderthals, the next step in human evolution will be to “kill” the gene.

With such bodies available, biological bodies won’t be the required platform for human intelligence. This possibility, Grimes asserts, means that biological systems are not a core part of human existence, but merely a disposable outer shell.

Many transhumanists consider advanced AI to be the primary catalyst for the development of artificial bodies, as they believe an advanced AI will excel at engineering and technological development thanks to it’s ability to “think” faster than human beings, share knowledge and skills via digital transfer, and toil tirelessly. The role of AI as a catalyst is the link between transhumanism and the themes of AI domination featured throughout the song.” Explanation by user “Thomas” on Genius.