My device kept bootlooping and would not allow me to read anything so I spent the last several days digging through forums, reddit, comment threads, and dozens of articles on repairing my frozen bootlooped Kindle Paperwhite.

After trying dozens of different "tips" I found a method that will force a system restore without any menu options or directly interacting with the Kindle.

If you connect it to a computer you will be able view your files, I highly suggest you save all files in your kindle documents directory as this will delete everything on your Kindle.

  1. Connect the Kindle to your computer (They suggest Windows or Mac OSX, but I completed this on Ubuntu 17.04 - just requires a file manager)
  2. Navigate to the root directory of the Kindle by accessing your systems file manager and selecting the Kindle device.
  3. Create a file titled DO_FACTORY_RESTORE without any file extensions attached to it.
  4. Now hold the power button for forty seconds. This will force a reboot.
  5. Wait.
  6. Wait..
  7. Wait...
  8. After it flashes a handful of times, the device will then take you to the "Language Selection" Wizard and you can set up your kindle just like it was brand new!

If you have any other issues you can contact me or by contacting Amazon Support (opens new window) (I suggest using the "Chat Support" feature).

Last Updated: 4/13/2021, 4:49:08 AM