I am going to start writing here...

I write quite a lot, definitely more than the average person, somewhere to the tune of roughly 2-3 journal entries a day at a minimum and this is outside of my daily schedule and documentation of tasks and short thoughts (this is item #10 on my list of things to do today and it's only noon).

A lot of my thoughts are incessant gibberish that only my brain can sometimes comprehend, and a lot of the times its just the same thought hidden and perpetuated under a veil of another horribly described and completely obsessive mindset. Fun stuff, I love it. 

Even if my thoughts are misconstrued, or rightfully construed to be absolutely insane and wrong, so very wrong. I would love to have a voice again. I'm pretty introverted and I have a strange love for having my work and thoughts critiqued properly. Where else on the Internet is better for valuable reviews and complaints than a blog? Disagree? email me and we will have a lovely discussion and I may change this opinion. (Placeholder for future response to this where I probably do change my mind and give thanks to whoever did it, you win future bio/artificial entity!) 

This blog isn't just going to be my thoughts and long winded articles and discussions - those blogs are boring and so extra (let's bring this term back everyone). This blog will be a mixture of myself, my life, my adventures, and whatever else that may unfold.

Who knows what will be included here, maybe this will be the only post (highly likely honestly).