OpenLeaf is an automated plant growth system. "/>

What is OpenLeaf?

By Macleod Sawyer - Thursday, March 1, 2018

OpenLeaf is an automated plant growth system.

Why are you developing OpenLeaf? Because, I want to solve the issue of food shortages and world hunger. Is this a doable dream? Yes.

The OpenLeaf One:

OpenLeaf One is an experimental research project that I am working on to solve world hunger, Should be released by Q3 of 2020 for commercial and nonprofit usage.

Capabilities of the OpenLeaf One:

  1. increase crop production by 60%
  2. Increasing plant growth rates by a margin of 250-300%
  3. Use 98.6% less water than conventional farming (99.2% less than hydroponics).

Not only this but will not have the problems of plant disease, bug problems, or anything else of that kind. Initial tests have been amazing – just need additional internal funding to build the “Big Box” of The OpenLeaf One.

The OpenLeaf Mini (m1 & m2)

To produce enough funding, I am working on the OpenLeaf Mini m1 & m2 models. They are small self watering plant systems that you can purchase for somewhere between $29 to $49 which can be used with our SeedPods concept (biodegradable seed cartridge systems).

We hope that this will be able to bring us both enough liquid assets, and also bring in enough investors to push the project further. I will be releasing more designs and details soon.

More information to be announced.

About the author

Macleod Sawyer is the twenty-year-old founder and CEO of Sawyer Innovations [Si], and their new product OpenLeaf - A self-watering automated plant growth system.

Previously, he was the CEO/Founder of Activity+ (acq. '14) & IdeaDrops/Goodplatform (acq. '17).

Learn more: here

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