Why I am Leaving Behind Nearly One Million Followers

By Macleod Sawyer - Sunday, January 1, 2017

I wrote this when I was announcing why I was leaving behind most of my digital properties and no longer focusing on growing my social media accounts with a brief history describing my journey.

Warning: I disagree with some of the things I wrote and will be uploading a newer rendition here eventually.

Secondary Warning: This is not as well written as my other material as I wrote this very hastily because this was a very emotional topic.

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About the author

Macleod Sawyer is the twenty-year-old founder and CEO of Sawyer Innovations [Si], and their new product OpenLeaf - A self-watering automated plant growth system.

Previously, he was the CEO/Founder of Activity+ (acq. '14) & IdeaDrops/Goodplatform (acq. '17).

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