Gnome Extensions you need to install

By Macleod Sawyer - Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gnome when you first install it is clunky, weird, and sort of mind-numbingly useless. it doesn’t have any features that make it useful, and it uses way too much space for everything.

If you didn’t know anything about the Gnome product you would look at it and think “Hmm, must new and a work in process” that’s how it feels.

Gnome allows you to install a whole bunch of exensions that directly change how the desktop enviroment works by just clicking a toggle in your browser. Here’s my list of every extension you need to get a proper desktop enviroment.

  • “Window is ready” remover
  • Dash to dock
  • Hide activities
  • Native window placement
  • Panel OSD (set it to the right)
  • Straight top bar
  • Top icons plus
  • Windows buttons

About the author

Macleod Sawyer is the twenty-year-old founder and CEO of Sawyer Innovations [Si], and their new product OpenLeaf - A self-watering automated plant growth system.

Previously, he was the CEO/Founder of Activity+ (acq. '14) & IdeaDrops/Goodplatform (acq. '17).

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